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Ahoy, I'm Flint.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been teaching heart-centered and purpose-driven people how to find out their True Life Purpose, then to use it to create unique value for others, how to brand, market and sell it with ease and integrity and ultimately build a wildly successful Soul Business as a foundation for their Ideal Dream Life.

Welcome to your next exciting step on our way into a better Tomorrow! I'm here for you so that we can all work, learn, and grow together. Let's rock this!


PS: Yeah, I'm really living on this beautiful island that you see in the background. More about my beloved Treasure Island you can find


Welcome to your Purpose-Driven Future DreamLife!

The Visionary

In 2002, I predicted the Future accurately. In 2022, I did it again.

After working in Marketing and Branding for 300 big brands such as FORD, Apple, Disney, and Virgin since 1989, I had my biggest Purpose Crisis around the Millennium that made me turn my Life around 180°.

I found my true calling in showing people what the Future brings, how a better Tomorrow might look like, a more human-centric economy, and I started teaching all of this at the Berlin University.

I've also been speaking to and consulting Fortune500 companies like BMW, Lufthansa, and AUDI since 2001.

I even had the honor and privilege to be a Society and Economy Development Visionary and Future Consultant to several governments and high-ranking officials.

Once in a while, I still do that if the project is helping us all evolve and promises to be life-changing and world-bettering.

These days though, I'm focusing my time and attention on helping create next-gen synergistic communities. Decentralized, global, fair, holistic, and jaw-droppingly wow.

Let's build a better Tomorrow today. Together.

The Educator

I always give my Best so that you can give yours.

I have built so much cool stuff over the last years that I finally have all streamlined, updated, and aligned with each other.

Just a few examples:

A supercool (and scientifically validated!) free Purpose Personality Test!

A new Community of like-hearted Purposepreneurs!

A B2B service based on my 30+ years in Branding called www.PurposeBrand.pro

A free Workshop to show you what the Future brings and how to prepare for this!

My personal Treasure Map to the 5 most important Values you have to dig out to have a happy and successful Future Life!

And so! much! more!

You will see: I always come up with some great new tools and resources to help you become your next best version of yourself.

You're welcome! 🤩

Changing the World starts with YOU.

The Inspirator

I can see our Future together. And it looks awesome! Let me show you how to prepare for it.

I have been working on all this for the better part of a year now. And I can't wait to show you what I have built to help you to get ready for an exciting next 5-10 years.

🚀 Get ready for the time of our lives! ✨

"If we want to have a better Life tomorrow,
we have to make better Decisions today."

- Marc Flint

The Mentor

All good things need time to grow.

So I hope you forgive me if the links here on this page don't work yet and you have to wait a bit longer to be blown away.

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